Station you have no idea how to deal with?

Once in a while, all of us are faced with a station, where we have no clue how and where to start.

Remember it’s just not you.

With all your rigorous preparation, if something seems challenging for you,it will be for anyone else.

The trick is, to not to lose your plot.

Be systematic, be thorough, be safe , be empathetic.

And slowly you will realize that things fall in place like the pieces of a jig saw puzzle.

Let me give you an example.

I had a teaching station , where the role player , who was an St 1 wanted to know about surgical instruments for hysterectomy, some of them were strange clamps and retractors.

Being an overseas candidate in London, amongst trainees who were bred and brought up in a UK set up, it was quite a challenge for me.

It didn’t mean that I didn’t know steps of hysterectomy.

It just meant that I had no idea what were the fancy names of these clamps and retractors.

I decided and told myself I will remain unfazed and stick to the basic principles of teaching.

I knew that teaching is always two ways or didactic.

I introduced myself, asked her understanding, took her through the steps if hysterectomy and spoke about these instruments. I told her in plain English, I do not know the names, but I’ll will find out and let her know, however their job is to catch ,crush and hemostasize tissues. Rest of the station was smooth sailing.

In essence, your challenge might come in different shapes and colours. But they all need to be approached the same way-embrace  with an open mind rather than bang your head against it. Finally, I can’t emphasize this enough-You’re braver than you believe,  stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

Best wishes   !

Dr. Akshatha Kulkarni



Dr. Akshatha is currently a practicing Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in the U.K.