How to Make Your Career in MRCOG O&B Program

Obstetrician and Gynaecology is a field that deals in treatment of women health. There are a lot of students today who aspire to make their mark in this field and RCOG (The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) gives an opportunity to students to create a career as an OBGYN.

Ever since its inception in the year 1929, RCOG has been making efforts towards improvement of women health across the world. Today, there are thousands of members worldwide from RCOG who works with partners in UK or globally to improve standard of women care. This gives an inspiration to many students to make OBGYN as their career goal.

Being a part of RCOG

Becoming a member of such a prestigious group is not easy. One needs to complete a proper education path to become a certified OBGYN specialist. Currently, over 6000 OBGYN specialist work outside UK in countries like India, Pakistan, UAE and many more. Being a member of RCOG group takes a lot of effort and years of preparation along with determination. So, if you have decided to become a member of such influential group, you need to study MRCOG.

Preparing for the exam

Every student is different from other. Some might prepare for exams in 3 months, while some may take months for preparation. Whatever is your level of preparation, you need to be determined all throughout your preparation. The exam format for MRCOG is mostly in multiple choice questions format. Students have to pick one best answer from the list that matches the best with the problem. But, even before you sit for the exam, here are few things that you can do to score well:-

  • Fix proper study schedule for preparation – If you wish to clear the MRCOG exam in first go, you need to have a proper study schedule. Usually students who start preparing six months in advance face fewer challenges in clearing the examination.
  • Use study material offered by the college – Students registered under the MRCOG program has access to books, e-learning portal and TOG. Since, RCOG has partnered with Cambridge University Press; students can 20% discount on book. Via e-learning portal, students can take mock test to gauge their knowledge at each level. TOG consists of peer-reviewed articles on the subject. By going through TOG questions, you can assess your knowledge and improve your learning as you go.
  • Read, Read and Read – O&B is a vast curriculum, hence, it is not easy to store information. Therefore, you need to devise a disciplined and effective plan to ensure that all the reading is stashed in your head until the examination.
  • Practice with time – whether you practice by SBA or EMQ’s, make sure you keep track of time. Since, every paper is scheduled for 2.5 hours, you need to ensure that you are able to attempt maximum amount of questions in the required time.

These are some tips that you can use to prepare for the MRCOG exam.