Study Partner -Necessity or a myth?

Many candidates have asked me regarding study partner , I have written down this which can clarify your thoughts, and makes your MRCOG journey easier.
Now that you are getting ready for MRCOG Part3, it’s time to find yourself a study partner if you do not have somebody already from the previous exams. MRCOG Part 3 assesses your applied clinical knowledge and fundamental communication skills. Good communication skills with patients and families, and colleagues is a major focus. Group activities and revisions will help you achieve better performance in these skills, and a study partner can make all this much easier. I have compiled some tips to help you get the maximum benefit out of studying with a partner. Most of them are self-evident and simple, but tend to get overlooked as candidates focus on the syllabus; leading to avoidable time loss and communication issues.

The ideal study partner – The one who everyone in search of.

Any one can be an ideal partner as long as they are Dedicated, Honest and Hardworking .

I have listed few points .

  • Your wavelengths should match for you to be at ease and communicate better.
  • The study timings should be convenient and flexible for both of you.
  • Your study partner should be equally dedicated to the study schedules.
  • Your study partner should be hardworking and committed towards clearing the MRCOG exam. This helps in motivating each other and ensure you don’t slip into a lax mode.
  • Your partner should be honest about sharing study resources, information, and constructive feedback.
  • Ideally, your partner should have the same level of experience, but it is not a very important factor as long the person is ready to share experience and help you to grow
  • Most importantly your partner should be taking exam with you in the same term , then only
    the seriousness towards preparation will be there .

Finding a study partner

  • Continue with your partner from MRCOG Part 1 & Part 2, if you had a fruitful partnership.
  • Telegram or Facebook groups are one of the most resourceful platforms for Part 3 exams, and an ideal place to find like-minded candidates. Be pro-active in sending messages until you find a suitable study partner.
  • If you attend any live courses, communicate and interact with your fellow candidates to find a partner with similar objectives.
  • Online courses also help you connect with like-minded candidates; you can drop messages in the group or send private messages to persons you find most suitable to collaborate with.
  • Being clear with your goals, objectives and schedules is key to finding the right partner.

Ways to plan studies with study partner

The essence is to Create and follow an effective preparation strategy

  • The first thing to do is to create a time-table. As basic it sounds, a time-table is essential in saving a lot of time and energy, and ensures maximum utilization of time.
  • The time-table should clearly allocate daily, weekly, and monthly sessions for modules to be covered. Discuss and ensure agreement on the timings.
  • List topics that each of you are weak in and allocate more time to perfect those topics.
  • Prepare and share stations with each other.
  • Record stations and listen to it frequently; during breaks, while driving, or whenever and as much as possible.
  • Mimic every session of yours as exam sessions – Specially with lengthy cases – 2 minutes for candidate instructions and 10 mins for stations. Give constructive feedback.
  • Try to cover at least 300- stations before your exams, including your study sessions and training courses.

Can’t find a partner? Be your own guide.

  • Continue preparing and studying by yourself.
  • Practice in front of the mirror; it is a very effective method when you are on your own.
  • Record your stations and frequently listen to understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Do your stations with your family or a friend. An understanding of English is all that is needed and ask their honest feeedback.

How does group study help?

  • Making a group of study partners gives you the best of both things – group study and a study partner.
  • Ideal group size is about 3-4 members.
  • Ensure proper scheduling and timing of discussions, to avoid waste of time and energy
  • Allocate topics or modules for each session beforehand to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Role play – Prepare and present stations, as other members act as examiners. Constructive feedback and discussions are very valuable for performance improvement.
  • One study partner and being a member of one group is the ideal mix for maximum learning and performance.

Remember, that the ultimate goal is to help you clear MRCOG Part 3 exams, whether you study alone, with a partner or in a group. Preparing with partners who are honest, dedicated, and hardworking is the key to make your MRCOG journey easier.

Hope this helps!!!

Any comments , feedback most welcome !!

Dr.Sowmya N S
Chief Mentor

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Robin Sharma